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When choosing apps for Education, it can be difficult to know which are effective and which ones are worth paying for.

Lucky for us, others have done a lot of the hard work and are happy to recommend ideas and apps.

iPaddle - Paula Jamieson's (Bay of Plenty) wiki on using ipads

iPad Resources - how to

The Ultimate Guide to iPads in the Classroom

Using the iPad in the Classroom - sharing resources for teachers, tutors, and parents that are integrating iPads into education.

Ipods and iPads - DOs and DON'Ts for the classroom

Junior Apps for iPad - Some great junior / ECE apps. Some are free

iPads for learning - Getting Started. Resource booklet for schools

IPad Apps for the classroom -

Ipads in the Juniors - Suggestions for getting started with iPads in the juniors

Best Children's books for the iPad - Suggestions for 0 - 5 and 5 - 9 year olds

Best Apps for Non - Musicians- It's not uncommon for people to want to play a musical instrument, but not want to actually learn how to play one. While the apps in this AppGuide will not get you playing at Carnegie Hall, they will suffice for making music that you can call your own

10 Free iPad2 apps for the classroom - useful and free

An lesson in using an iPad

6 great photos apps for the iPhone and iPad -

iPads for Music

iPod Touch and iPad Apps- lots of language learning apps - flashcards and games

IPad Screencasts for Beginners- a bank of video tutorials covering all the aspects of using the iPad

iPods, iPhones, iPads in Education - Jacqui Sharpe's (Auckland) helpful tips and suggestions on ways of using ipads, ipods, iphones

Interesting Ways to use iPads in the classroom - see how others teachers are using ipads

Getting Started - Classroom ideas for getting started with the ipad

Learners and thinkers with ipads and ipods - Anthony Wrights wiki outlining how he has been using iPads in his Year 6 classroom. Some great ideas. Love the iBrainstorm app. A L@S presentation

iPad Smackdown - Chris Betcher, Andrew Churches, Deon Scanlon and Allanahk recorded a podcast over the weekend of our favourite apps.

Have a listen- they get through quite a few!

Self Management - ipads in the classroom

iPad Apps - recommended apps for school. Gives an overview but not price

Teach with your iPad - Levels of Bloom's taxonomy and apps to match

The Ultimate Guide to using ipads in schools - Steps to ipad success, a getting started guide etc

IPODS - St Caths favourite iPod Apps These are usually available on ipads as well. Kids review apps

22 Educational Apps for kids - From Toddlers to 7 year olds

100 Ipad tips and tricks

75 Ipad Tips and Tricks Pt 1 Ipad Tips and Tricks Pt 2 IPad Tips and Tricks Pt 3

Ipads for kids - best ipad apps for kids

Comic Life for iPads - Comic Life is just one of those great little applications that is almost perfect for any classroom.

Ipads in Education AUS - trials, resources, reviews, articles

Ipad Scavenger Hunt - An example of how to get students familiar with particular ipad and with ipad use in general. And apps as well.

60 Apps in 60 minutes - demo of 60 of the best iPad applications for the classroom!

IPads for learning - Getting started. Classroom ideas for learning with the ipad

iPadschools - This wiki is intended to be a clearinghouse of applications, lessons and experiences using the iPad in the classroom. The intention is that all apps listed have been tested and recommended by teachers using them.

Ipad Apps for Speech Therapists

Apps for Literacy Support

Alicia's Story - Ipads enabling the disabled

Ipad helps student with vision disability

How the iPad can help learning disabled students-
Students with learning disabilities may have problems with reading, math, reasoning and recall. But given the appropriate tools, learning disabled students too can achieve academic success.The iPad has numerous apps to help learning disabled students compensate for their particular disability

Ipads and Autism - Communication is an essential part of social life. Imagine a child who is unable to communicate the most basic needs like being hungry or thirsty. Or a child who can’t tell others when they’re in pain or ill. Imagine a child who can’t join in a family conversation at the dinner table or chat with friends in the playground. This is the reality for thousands of children in New Zealand today, and many more across the world.

Ipadding in an Autistic World - Interface Magazine Article