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These Tools are interactive and collaborative

Livebinder - is a way of organising resources. See this example here from Suzie on Web 2.0 tools

Text Generators - create banners, headings, logos and buttons for your blogs and wikis

While you read this ... Watch the World Change

The Tate Movie Project - Using this web site the children get to help write a script, record and play with sound, make animations and watch the movie clips. Very motivating for groups of children who may be reluctant at other times.

10 Digital Writing Opportunities you probably know and 10 you probably don't

Blogging- It is not abuot the Tools...It's about the Skills Wikis- It is not abuot the Tools...It's about the Skills

making videos on the web - A guide for teachers

Embeddable tools - for you blog or wiki

Voicethead - teachers, students and parents can add voice

Photopeach - upload photos to create slideshows and quizzes for your blog or wiki

Kizoa - Create Amazing Slideshows, Edit Photos, then Share

Skype - 10 ways to use Skype in the classroom

One true media - You're going to look like a creative genius in a few minutes. Simply mix your photos and video clips with our stylish effects to create wow-worthy Video Montages.

Animoto - Apply for an education account for free to create amazing slideshows

Slide - Create slideshows and add effects

Learn it in 5 - Voicethread Tutorial. Remember to get an .edu account for education

Learn it in 5 - Tutorials

Convert it - Converts audio files mp3 < > wav . Zamzar - converts docs, ppts, video files

Gimp Online Photo editing Tools - If you are into photo editing and you don’t want to pay for a program that you’ll never use enough to pay for itself, check out GIMP. Tutorials here

Avatars - Create your own online identities

So you have a blog ? Now what?

Interactive Media Resources -

Collaborative multimedia presentations enable small groups like teaching teams to work together to:

  • present knowledge in different and (if you do it right) compelling ways

  • engage active participation by the entire class instead of broadcasting to it like a passive audience

Cool Tools for Schools - Find a variety of web 2.0 tools for classroom use here

Getting Tricky with Wikis - How to do all those things to wikis you might and seen and wondered "How do I do that?"

New Tools Workshop - Explanations and tutorials of new tools

Where to start with wikis and blogs? - Why we should have wikis and blogs and what are they used for.

Multimedia Timelines - Here are five ways students can create multimedia timelines.

Youblisher - Your website visitors will love it! Make your pdf documents flippable and quickly loading. See example here A Junior Class

Favourite Web 2.0 Tools - A list of Web 2.0 tools with contributions from teachers on how they use them

Making e-learning books - You can then embed these into your blog or wiki

20 websites no teacher should be without - find a couple of gems to put away in your virtual treasure box

ELearning - Teachers tell how they use web 2.0

70 Tools in 70 Minutes