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BrainPoP Jr. – A fun way to learn with movies, games and activities
Multiple Intelligences – What kind of learner are you?
Kideos – Videos Online just for Kids
UClick Go Comics – Calvin and Hobbes (and many other comics online)

Homework HELP!
Kid’s AOL Homework Help Jr. – Homework resources for kids
Internet Safety
NetSmartz – Be safe online with Clicky and the NetSmartz Kids

Kidsmart – Helping kids be smart about using the Internet

Get Creative!
Lego Creative Builder – Have fun testing your building skills
Build a Toy – Build a toy and get it to its toy box safely
Drawing and Photo Tools
Sumo Paint – Paint cool pictures online
Picnik – Create, edit and manipulate photos online
News and Current Events for KIDS!
Time for Kids – Time Magazine for students
1&CurrPage=scholasticNews.jsp&TopicValue=Scholastic%20News|Scholastic News – Online news for students, topics by grade level
Weekly Reader – Weekly news topic, games and activities
National Geographic for Kids! – Videos, Stories and Activities from around the world
Science News For Kids! – Weekly science article, games, activities and more
United Nations Cyber Schoolbus – News and Information about Global Learning Projects
Social Studies for Kids – What’s going on in the world
CBBC Newsround – BBC news for kids!
Social Studies
Google Scribble Maps – Draw an Google maps
Interactive Map – Practice using ordinal directions and compass rose
Get Oriented – Practice using ordinal directions
Adventure Island – Learn about map key or legend
Family Adventure – Learn about maps, ancient cities and more
Map Games – Test your geography knowledge

Daily Sudoku for Kids puzzle

[print version]

Visit www.dailysudoku.com for more puzzles, solutions, hints, books and other resources.

Visit www.dailysudoku.com for puzzles, solutions, hints, books and other resources.