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There are a wonderful group of teachers who have been contributing their stories of ICT integration to the Software for Learning website under the 'Snapshot' section. These have been developing over time and have become more and more focused on the pedagogy rather than the tool.
Blogger, Wikispaces, Kidblog and iPads - My vision was to move away from traditional learning by increasing access to 21st century learning tools in order to provide opportunities to meet the different learning needs and styles of my class.

Using Photo Booth in preparing to mihi (Mac) / using a webcam

Reinforcing maths concepts through Google Forms

Students demonstrating their understanding of mathematics strategies using video and the spotlight feature in YouTube

Using an online mindmapping tool to take notes about a well-known sports figure in preparation for writing an information report.

Using Survey Monkey to support formative assessment in mathematics class.

Using iPads in a Junior Classroom- We believe that we will be better able to meet the learning needs of the ‘digital generation’ we now teach by blending the very best of traditional teaching practices with the huge potential of ICT.

Snapshot of learning for Skoodle (Super Clubs Plus)

Organising and taking part in a global forum. - Newmarket School