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Information and activities to support your programme

Science Bob - experiments, Science fair ideas, videos

Why is Science Important - Show to your class

Science in a Van - Touring science teachers. Check out some of the science experiments on their blog

Interactive sites for science

Interactive Teaching Aids- a growing bank of imaginative, highly visual, teaching aids, developed for use with interactive whiteboards. The resources are designed to be used as rich sources of visually, stimulating material, making use of animations and drag and drop interactivity.

24 / 7 Science- Hiw fast does the wind blow? What makes things sticky? Where do insects live and plants grow?
So many questions—and so many ways to find answers! In these interactives, use your hands, feet, eyes, ears, brain, imagination and cool tools to experiment, design, test and discover amazing things about the world around you. It's science and it's fun!

Succeeding with Science - is a a great resource for games, videos, and other activities for teaching and learning science. Succeeding With Science is organized by age. Within each age range there is a selection of games and activities for students to use on his or her own.

Fun Science - Balancing eggs, squishy eggs, spinning eggs, bottled eggs, electricity, lava lamps and more

Science at home - at home science activities for children and families
Science is all around you. Your backyard, your kitchen, and other areas around your home provide natural "laboratories" for children. Children are curious; exploring with science can be lots of fun while also teaching them a great deal about themselves and their world.

Bring Science Home - Welcome to Bring Science Home

Squishy Circuits- The goal of the project is to design tools and activities which allow kids of all ages to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough.

Science Websites for your Interactive Whiteboard - favourite websites for supporting Science

Going Green - global warming quiz

Design a Roller coaster

Water Planet Challenge - Join EarthEcho's Water Planet Challenge to improve the health of the environment in your community and around the world.

15 Ideas for using your digital camera in Science

Zooinverse - projects,, blogs, research

Whyville - Whyville is an unstructured online environment where players participate in activities to earn “clams”—the form of currency in Whyville. The power of Whyville comes from the children’s interest in exploring and asking questions.

New York Hall of Science - At the New York Hall of Science, a hands-on science and technology center in New York City, digital tools are helping draw the connections between a day at a museum and children’s lives at home and at school.

Engineering for Kids - Do-it-Yourself Projects, Hands-on Electricity, Physics, Architecture, and Technology

In WolfQuest, players learn about wolves by embarking on missions that a wolf would typically undertake, such as feeding and taking care of pups.

Science Bob -
Why not try a fun science experiment right now?
Why not try a fun science experiment right now?

Here's list of great science experiments with instructions that you can do right at home or at school.

Hooked on Science

Fun with Bubbles - Let the kids have fun experimenting with bubbles. See who can blow the biggest bubble.

Rachels Collection of Science experiments

Science Kids - Science Kids is the home of science & technology on the Internet for children around the world.
Learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying our fun science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos & science fair projects.
Funology Laboratory - Weird Science

Monster Science - New FlashLarry Ferlazzo's Collection - simple classroom experiments
Kids who carry out science investigations develop better thinking skills, are able to apply logic and reasoning to a task, maintain a curiosity about the world and become valued team members.
Space Resources
Yeast Experiments - The Science of Yeast. Experiments to try at home and school

Primary Upd8 - Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.
Inside the human body - what makes me, me? Click and drag the body parts on to the figure to see them come alive

The Science of Bubbles - Bubble recipe, bigger, better bubbles and more
Science learning Hub - The Science learning Hub provides resources for teachers.

Habits of the heart - Animations and interactives

Energy - What is energy? Forms of energy

A huge range of science interactives and activities here at Science Standards

Science Online - A range of topics, interactive quizzes and lessons plans and resources

e-Species Endangered Animals - Endangered Animals Fact Sheets

The Symphony of Science is a musical project headed by John Boswell designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. Here you can watch music videos, download songs, read lyrics and find links relating to the messages conveyed by the music.

The Mission - Discover the professor's secret identity

Teachers TV Science - Engaging and exciting experiments, lesson ideas and video resources.

Welcome to Fossweb - Interactive science activities, graded, on a variety of topics

Minibeast Identification – Check your skills at Identifying Minibeasts
Mini Beasts - interactive tasks

Simple Machines – Resources and Games
Rube Goldberg and Perpetual Motion Machines
Rube Goldberg – Learn more about Rube Goldberg and his cartoons
Goldburger To Go – Help the Zoom staff by solving this puzzle
Blue Balls in Motion – Check out this perpetual motion machine
FOSS Rube Goldberg Activities – Build a Rube Goldberg Machine online
Levers – Investigate how levers work in this interactive mobile
Problem Solving with Push/Pull Physics and Simple Machines
Magic Pen – Draw items and use simple machines to solve problems
Fantastic Contraption – Design and build your own compound machine
Roller Coaster Designer – Use gravity’s pull to create your coaster
Wallace and Gromit Invention Suspension – Use simple machines to solve problems
Learn About Simple and Compound Machines
EdHead Simple Machine – Learn about simple machines
EdHead Compound Machine – Learn about compound machines
Simple Machines – Identify the different ways simple machines are used
Human Body
All Systems Go! – Help rebuild the body systems
How The Body Works! – Learn more about your body
Human Body – Lessons from kids in Colchester, Vermont
Kid’s Biology – Learn about the different body systems
Discovery Kids – Learn about your gross and cool body
Rocket Fun!
NASA’s Rocket Builder – Build your own fleet of rocket ships
Addition Blast Off – Can you add as fast as a rocket?
NASA Kids Club – Learn about space travel, rockets and more from NASA
Discovery Kids Volcano Explorer – Learn about volcanoes and what happened in Pompeii
National Geographic: Quiz Your Noodle – See what you know about volcanoes
Scholastic Volcano Lab – Test your volcano knowledge

Natural History Museum – Answer questions to build a volcano