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Online Math Learning

Our collection of Counting Games, Number Games, Decimal Games, Integer Games and Place Value Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun.
NRich - enriching Maths

Maths is Messy - Maths inquiry starters

Interactive Sites - Lots of links for just about everything you will need

Maths Munch -

Money Week
Get the Maths - Get the Math is about Algebra in the real world. See how professionals use math in music, fashion, videogames, restaurants, basketball and special effects. Then take on interactive challenges related to these careers.
Maths frame

A collection of free
maths links

Interactive Maths Wiki

Websites to supportmaths

Maths Mysteries - Logical reasoning, Whole number operations, fractions and ratios, measurement, Time, Patterns and more

Maths Live -

Guess your number - I wonder how this works?

Basic Facts - Sign your class up - help your students aster basic facts
Maths Chimp - Levelled maths activities / Sign up
Hooda Maths - Try the Cargo Bridge - Build and test a bridge on a limited budget, use some geometry strategies

Numeracy Wiki - Maths activities to support each numeracy stage

ICT Magic - a maths wiki with a wide range of maths activities

Counting and Patterns - Basic skill practice games

Maths teaching ideas = 10 great maths games sites

Maths Pickle - MathPickle is a free professional development resource for K-12 teachers. Here you will find problems that engage a wide spectrum of student ability.
Put your students in a pickle! Dr Gordon Hamilton

Ratio and Proportion - a blog post with useful games and links

Dice - try these rolling dice for some adding practice.

Online basic skill games - algebra, graphing, time, probability, geometry

Senior maths zone - Basic facts, Geometry, Measurement, Fractions, decimals etc

A collection of maths activities - gathered via twitter, leveled with identified strategy

Basic Facts - Brain machine New!

Multiplication Games New!

Sumon - equivalent numbers

Top 5 Times Tables Resources - Tom Barrett's top 5 recommendations that tick all the boxes

The 100 day project - visualising counting to 100. How many ways can you make numbers?

Real World Maths - Using Google Earth, Google Sketchup to solve problems

How to teach maths as a social activity - Watch the video

Ten Marks - The best maths practice for your class. Let your students practice what you cover, and refresh what they need to - using intelligent questions, hints, and video lessons.

Maths is Fun - A whole range of maths topiccs to support your teaching and learning programmes

Smart Kiddies - Smartkiddies makes mathematics fun and challenging

Factors and multiples game - This is a game for two players.

You will need a 100 square which you can download here or you can use the interactivity below.

Johnny's Math Page - fractions, geometry, multiplication and more

Online maths Games - Basic Operations, mixed operations, place value, fractions, telling time, early maths and algebra

Dragon's Eggs - Odd and Even Numbers

Giraffe Spots - More than / Less than Add more or less spots to the giraffe - Numbers to 10

Online maths - a range of maths activities, early number, counting, time, + - X and ÷, fractions and more

Khan Academy - You need a login and password / or Google login to access this site. Has tutorials followed by problems to solve

Matching numbers, words and patterns to 6 - Match numbers, shapes, fractions, or multiplication facts to equivalent representations. The game can be used to practice facts by using the clear pane mode, or for an added challenge, play the game with the windows closed.

Counting and Ordering Numbers - Click on the next number in the sequence

Teachers TV maths - From algebra to polygons - and everything in between - explore ways to get the message across and bring maths to life.

Fuel the Brain - a mixture of interactive activities, place value, addends, comparing numbers, co-ordinates, doubles, shapes (leave out the ones on inches!)

Maths Zone - A list of websites to add into your maths programme - patterns, fractions, decimals,angles, puzzles
Valuable Jewels - Figure out the value of every beautiful jewel in the captain’s treasure room by using a balance to compare jewels. Only one jewel's value is known, so keep your wits about you!==

A Maths Wik i - aimed at Year 7 but has a huge range of resources

Part Part Whole - Number Bonds, Fractions and Decimals

iBoard maths activities - great to use as a warm up activity using a data projector

A Maths Dictionary for Kids - Along with over 400 definitions there is a small diagram or some sort of interactive activity or game to help students visually see the term's definition. Just like any other dictionary, all the math terms are arranged alphabetically.
BBC Bitesize Maths - Number Knowing simple sums and learning useful calculations can help you with everyday tasks - Percentages

Those pesky teen numbers - counting numbers

What 2 learn - join the site for free. Play games Choose your level

Maths Applets - Digital learning Objects to use with data projector or as interactive activity for students. Check out the tens frame activity (requires sound)

IXL Maths - Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. Withunlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet. Click a grade below to get started!

Academic Skill Builder – Single and Multiplayer Maths games
Math Doodles – Some fun Math Doodle games

An Embeddable Maths game - adding numbers to 20 and 100

And lots more here at ealcteachers
Matangi maths - more games here