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Share Literacy Resources here

Writing - activities and links to try

Reading - activities and links

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Listening to Reading - access to school journal stories as audio files. These can be purchased by your school

The Road to grammar - quizzes, games and extra practice, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions etc

Super Similes

Sentence Unscramble

The Hunger Games - Follow one class's responses to The Hunger Games

Smories - Stories read by kids for kids

Scribble Press - ebooks for kids by kids

Junior Literacy - Ideas for using in your junior class (includes online stories)

Character Scapbook - describe a charcter you have read about in a book

The Cube Creator

Reading and Understanding - links to support your literacy programme

My Word Playground - a blog written by authors, has lots of tips and tricks

Twurdy - search for information and get a reading difficulty level

Word of the Day - a new word every day with pronunciation, meaning, etymology and usage

NZ ESL- Listen to New Zealand news, spoken slowly and clearly, using easy vocabulary.

iSites for Juniors

10 Sites for Digital Storytelling

Word Central - an easy dictionary also thesaurus and rhyming words

Reading - activities and links to try

Punctuation - Room 1's punctuation page on their wiki. Check out the rest of the wiki while you are there.

Adjectives -

Interactive Language Arts / Reading Skill Builders - Parts of speech, antonyms, capital letters and more
Reading includes - author's purpose, cause and effect, compare and contrast

Writing - Article Children who use technology are 'better writers'

Try this for fun - aphabet boggle - roll the letters

Interactive Literacy Presentations - Ideas, links, resources to add into your literacy programmes

Oral Language - Audio

Oral Language - Raising student achievement in oral language = Using ICTs to enhance oral language

Help for Dyslexic students - Single-Click Grammar Checker!

Practise your Conjunctions - check out these interactive sites for conjunctions

Proofreading - try these interactive resources

Shared Reading - activities to generate reading
Literacy Tools


Beautiful Word Clouds
Comics in the Classroom
Create your own characters.
Describe your character and create a story around them.
Story Makers
Use these sites to create your own stories
Visual Images
Taking photos with students,
where to find images and
what to do with them
collages, editing and more
Frameworks for Writing and Reading

See what students are learning with Comic Life

Literacy resources - interactive, grammar, writing, reading, spelling rules and more

Teaching with picture books - For those wondering, "Are picture books for me?" I've provided thirteen reasons why you should be using picture books almost daily. In fact, you'll discover that the same picture book can be revisited many times for many purposes.

Business Cards - for your fictional characters
Lego and LiteracyPart 2 and Part 1 - But LEGO is just a toy, right? What does LEGO have to do with Literacy? Ideas here

Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency - Questions, strategies, assessment and resources

The Tate Movie Project - Using this web site the children get to help write a script, record and play with sound, make animations and watch the movie clips. Very motivating for groups of children who may be reluctant at other times.

Literature Circles - "In literature circles, small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. The discussion is guided by students' response to what they have read. You may hear talk about events and characters in the book, the author's craft, or personal experiences related to the story."

Visuwords - Online Graphic Dictionary Idiom Dictionary - 10 Best Online Rhyming Dictionaries -

Writing Workshop - Getting to know students as writers

Punctuation Pyramid - When should I use this?

Punctuation -

English Online - What do students need to learn? What do you need to know and do? Join the mailing list and interact with other teachers

Writing - examples of how other teachers are sharing writing in their class

Digital Literacy - Resources
Spelling - interactive resources........spelling.gif................
Vocabulary Resources - rhyming words, homophones.....
vocabulary.gif ...................
Phonics - interactive activities.....phonics.gif.....................
Critical Thinking questns.gif
Grammar - interactive resources rwskill.gif
Poetry Resources poem.png

Book Trailers - Previews: Looking for a good book, but not sure what to read next? See the newest book trailers now.

31 Favourite Digital Storytelling Sites - Some are already mentioned, others are new. Find out which ones suit your purpose

Write a book review. Read a book review - Have you ever read a book that was so amazing you told all your friends "you've GOT to read this!"

Book review workshop - Welcome to my workshop! Here you'll find writing tips, strategies, and challenges to help you write a book review
Video Clips on Book Reviews -

Spaghetti Book Club - Book reviews by kids for kids

Reading Online - Need websites to read online? Use these resources to get your kids reading on the computer!

Handy Word Lists - A handy little website with lists of words that could be used for writing

The Worst Zoo in the World - A Guided Reading Lesson with Before and After discussion ideas

Readers Theatre - Scripts that are great for fluency practice

Graphic Organisers for Storytelling -

Reading Games - sight words, sequencing, syllables, rhyming, synonyms and antonyms and more

Reading Online - Choose a story and hear it read by a member of the screen actors guild

iBoard Literacy Activities - select your setting and use as interactive writing with a data projector

Parts of speech - Choose which type of figurative language describes each sentence to hit the ball and score a run for your team!

Parts of Speech - There are eight basic parts of speech and every word will fall into one of these categories. Some words can actually be classified as being in more than one part of speech depending on how it is used at the time.

Spelling Connections - Spelling and Thinking, reading and writing / proof reading

British Council – Fairy tales and traditional stories
Aesop’s Fables – A collection of fables to read
Kids Gen – Fables, fairy tales and other short stories

Developing Readers' Comprehension Strategies - Students need to develop a repertoire of strategies that they can select from purposefully and independently to build and enhance their understanding of text and to extend their critical awareness.

The New Readers - From The New York Times. Some researchers believe that online reading builds on traditional reading skills and also requires new ones, like the ability to navigate the web and to synthesize information in many forms.

Book Adventures - Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8.
Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles and take multiple choice quizzes

Tech Tools for the English Classroom - Web 2 Literacy tools to add to your wiki or blog

Prefixes and Suffixes - Interactive - match the prefixes and suffixes to make a word

Create quick Interactive Activities - The first step is to grab a text you want to use with your students. Read Nik's Quick Shout, a blog post, for an idea of how to work the avtivity

Enchanted Palace - Find out about Kensington palace

Made To Stick - A reading programme that makes ideas stick - ideas that are understood, remembered and have a lasting impact. Read the Teachers Guide and explore resources

From http://istgrade2.wordpress.com/students/

Student Internet Search Engines
Ask Kids! – Students can research information by asking questions
KidRex – Safe Internet search for kids, by kids
Raz-Kids! – Interactive eBooks For Students
StarFall Reading Pactice – A Fun Way to Practice Reading Online
Fact Monster Writing – A resource page to help with all kinds of writing
My StoryMaker – Create your own story online
Mad Libs and Wacky Story Writing
Wacky Web Tales – Write your own wacky story
FunBrain Mad Libs – Write your own mad lib online
Writing Prompts
The NOUN Game – Choose interesting Nouns to practice your writing
The VERB Game – Choose interesting Verbs to practice your writing
The ADJECTIVE Game – Choose interesting Adjectives to practice your writing
A Newspaper Article
Be A Reporter – Online template to write a newspaper article
Similar and Opposite – Match words with like meanings
Grammar Ninja – A game to practice identifying Parts of Speech
Punctuation Paintball! – Learn about punctuation and have fun!
Pronouns – Collect personal pronouns on your pirate ship
Spelling City – A fun way to learn how to spell your own spelling words!
Look Cover Write and Check – Interactive spelling game

Spellbound – Practice spelling words against the clock