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Resources for teaching other languages and / or for ESOL students

Language Guide - See the picture, see and hear the word. Translates to Français - Español - Deutsch - Português - Русский - Italiano

7 Great Games to Learn French, Spanish and other languages - Learning a new language can be a difficult task. It takes hard work, dedication, and time. It’s better to learn multiple languages when you’re a child, but a lot of people didn’t grow up with that option. That’s okay, because we have the Internet!

Videos in Spanish - VideosinSpanish.com is pleased to provide you with videos that, we hope, will give you an opportunity to improve your Spanish skills.

Activity Book for Young Learners

Free English lessons Online - English Vocabulary Picture Matching Quizzes
Simple English vocabulary building activities for beginner level students upwards. Click on the new game button or refresh the page to reload the quiz with a different set of words.