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Interactive sites for keyboarding

Keyboarding Ideas and Resources - use these as a checklist / rubric of skills

Free Typing Games - create accounts, speed tests, levels, lessons

Mouse Skills - Early keyboard and mouse skills

Pac Man

7 Sites for developing keyboard skills -

Keyboard Shortcuts - Laminate and stick by the monitor

15 Free Resources to develop typing skills

Do we need to teach keyboarding skills? - Jacqui Sharp's suggestions and resources

Keyboard Resources - download keyboards to laminate for students

Best of free typing games- Play and train with fun to improve your typing skills

Use these sites for students to practice keyboarding skills. Encourage them to use two hands

Keyboarding Skills - learn how to use the keyboard and practice here. Use both hands to match the pictures on the screen

Space Invaders Typing - practice game. The easy level is quite fast

Try these to help you practice

Typing Tidepool
Cup Stacking
The typing of the ghosts

Dancemat Typing - Make your way through the stages to learn to be a top typist. Come type with me. your

Extra for Experts. Foggies - speed test

Powertyping - learn typing with free online typing lessons, use typing games to practice typing, take timed typing tests to find your typing speed