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So you want an interactive whiteboard and your school can't afford it. Why not build your own?

How to build and Use a Wii Interactive Board

IWB Discussion

useict - Interactive Whiteboards and Data Projectors: Deciding what to buy and how many can be a challenging task. Phil Salmon from Waihi Central School is currently completing a term on study leave exploring this very topic. He has created a wiki to share his findings including: 100 ways to use IWB and Data Projector, buying an IWB or Data Projector and readings and research. This wiki is still under-development however Phil has made a great start creating a resource to support the decision making and classroom use of these devices.

IWBs are no Silver Bullet - A blog post by Chris Betcher, also read the discussion in the comments, for and against

Where are you in your IWB use? Stages of teacher development on IWBs - Download a pdf file (This is one view)

The reasons IWBs are being attacked - " Hardware and software do not help our students learn in the absence of a teacher. It is completely up to the teacher whether or not an IWB is used effectively in the classroom."

Why I hate Interactive Whiteboards too - one teacher's view

Effective v Ineffective use of IWBs - An interactive White Board (IWB) or SMART Board has the potential to deliver content better than traditional methods of teaching. Why?

IWBs - Leading us into the 21st C or chaining us to the past - Chris Betcher's IWBNet Keynote

Why do I need an IWB? - Interesting discussion in the comments

3Pinteract - NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! As of May 2010 the brilliant 3Pi system is totally wireless. All Classroom kits now come with the amazing wireless syncing solution developed and tested by 3Pi. Guaranteed to make installation and use of the 3Psystem even easier!

//TES// iboard - TES materials are free to use. highly visual, interactive resources for Primary Key Stage 1. (UK) They are powerful teaching tools that can be used on any interactive whiteboard. They are also simple enough for a child to use independently or with support. Hundreds of free teaching resources are available to use free in your classroom. Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT and more. Browse by clicking on the library button.

2010 IWB Challenge - Are you new to using an interactive whiteboard (IWB)? Have you used one for ages but want some other ideas? Are you using an IWB regularly but know you could use it better? Then you are invited to join The 2010 Interactive Whiteboard Challenge!

Science Websites for your Interactive Whiteboard - favourite websites for supporting Science on your interactive whiteboard. NEW!!

Smartboard Resources - Maths, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Music

Smartboard Favourites - The place for language learners and teachers

How to make great smartboard lessons - Making your own SMART Board lessons is not as difficult as you might think.

Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/education/k-12/articles/86120.aspx#ixzz0z6Y3wF5X

Top Marks - free interactive whiteboard resources, by subject area and level

Promethean Planet - Promethean’s free online community designed to provide Activclassroom teachers around the world the ability to share new and innovative lessons, access a wide variety of professional development materials, and connect with fellow Activclassroom teachers from around the Planet.

Lesson Starter Ideas for your Interactive Whiteboard - Here are a few ideas taken from some of the talks I have given this academic year for ideas on using your Interactive Whiteboard during lesson starters.

Smartboard Maths Games - "Math is one of the easiest subjects to use well on an interactive whiteboard. The ones in this article have been tried and tested in my classroom, and are long standing favorites with my students." Some are internet based and some need to be downloaded.

Homeworkopoly - Homeworkopoly is a fun way to encourage children to do their homework! Here are some basic instructions, but feel free to use your own judgement and change things around to suit your class needs. We have tried to leave off negative things such as "Go to jail" in order to keep this experience as positive as possible.

Ten Interactive Whiteboard Tools - Here's 10 Web 2.0 tools that work handily with IWBs.

Virtual Manipulatives - drawing, maths tools, timer, stop watch

Word Magnets - Write a sentence and the resource chops it up for you - students can reconstruct.

Smartboard wiki foor teachers

Wednesdays with Sam - a variety of IWB activities