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What to do!!!

I Love this little video of introducing ourselves from Papatoetoe East School After 2 days of school

One teacher's story - Steph, a year 2 teacher describes preparing her room

10 Things to do on the first day of school - worth a read

Tools to get you started - 10 online tools to start the year

Interesting Ways to get to know your new class -

Experts Wall - Find out who your experts are in the classroom

Photography - teach your students to take good photos to start the year. Appropriate for all year levels. I have used this with 5 year olds.

Icebreakers, Warm Ups, Energisers and More

Classroom Ice Breakers -

8 tips to engage your students

50 Ideas for meeting your new class - Join TES and you can download the document filled with ideas

Getting to know you! Draw names out of a hat and get students to use a venn diagram to find same / different
Then interview each other (5 things you don't know about me) and take a series of photos to present information in a Photostory / PPT or similar. Post on class blog or wiki. Example here of students taking photos of each other. Key Competency - Relating to Others

Creating a class culture
Students write their 5 words which describe which values they most admire
Use wordle to illustrate top 5 most valued. Put in sidebar of your blog or front page of your wiki. Print out and laminate to refer back to. More Word Clouds

Create Class Heroes - Who do I want to be this year? Or Design your own Super Hero here

Team Building Games - includes ice breaker games

Ideas for Inspiring Writing

Name Games - and get to know each other activities

Extra for Experts

20 Websites No teacher should be without

11 Techy Things to try in the new school year - with a how to guide

Create a Google Earth Map with where students went in the holidays, add a Pin and information about things to do in that area

101 things you can do in the first 3 weeks - This is written for older students but there are ome little gems in here for all ages

Cool sites for kids - Internet is a great way for children to learn and enjoy learning online. There are zillions of websites and everyday new sites are launching.

Instruction Manual for Life: VIew before Using. Use as a discussion starter. Suitable for older students