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Why teachers use digital games and why schools teach gaming

Play Ludwig -

This Video Game Is So Educational You Don’t Even Realize It

The Fiction Engine - battling the forces of boring education with video games and apps

Gabe Zichermann is an entrepreneur, author, highly rated public speaker and gamification thought leader. He is the chair of the Gamification Summit and Workshops, and is co-author of the book "Game-Based Marketing, where he makes a compelling case for the use of games and game mechanics in everyday life, the web and business. Gabe is also a board member of StartOut.org and facilitator for the NYC chapter of the Founder Institute.

Gaming to re-engage boys in learning

Gymnastics for the Brain - This site has been developed to help people to sharpen their mind and improve their ability to think outside the box.

Games in Education - Education and social good

How video games are changing education - Infographic

TED Talks

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world - Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

Digital Game Based Learning - Scroll down to Game Based Learning and Recommended Games

Fox, corn, geese - Get them all across the river / Interactive puzzle

Games in the Classroom- Using games in the classroom - This is a presentation to pre-service teachers about the affordability and importance of game-play.

Try these games for problem solving.

This could be a class activity to fill in a few minutes or built into literacy programmes

Whyville - Whyville is an unstructured online environment where players participate in activities to earn “clams”—the form of currency in Whyville. The power of Whyville comes from the children’s interest in exploring and asking questions.

New York Hall of Science - At the New York Hall of Science, a hands-on science and technology center in New York City, digital tools are helping draw the connections between a day at a museum and children’s lives at home and at school.

In WolfQuest, players learn about wolves by embarking on missions that a wolf would typically undertake, such as feeding and taking care of pups.

Waltee's Quest - is an interactive adventure where students help solve a mystery and discover a variety of art along the way

Escape from the Planet Zug - General knowledge

7 Games that are good for your brain - 7 creative and highly original casual games that go beyond mere testing hand-eye-coordination, and are guaranteed to sharpen your mind while kicking your brain into high gear. The list was compiled by the puzzle lovers at Smartkit.

QR Codes - try these fun codes for finding information

Questionaut - A game where you journey through strange worlds and test your knowledge of English, Maths and Science on this magical mission to recover your friend's hat.

Quest for the Rest - Official, animated game with an overlying theme of overcoming obstacles

Samarost - Main character is the little white gnome whose dog has been ...

What 2 Learn - Create your own games, Hangman, wordsearch, anagrmas, Q and A, multi choice

Lure of the Labyrinth - here's the story and learn some maths along the way. Lure of the Labyrinth is a digital game for middle-school pre-algebra students. It includes a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game in which students work to find their lost pet - and save the world from monsters!

Machinarium - demo of a problem solving game. Give it a try. Please leave a comment on it's value

Quest Atlantis - is an international learning and teaching project that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-15, in educational tasks

Quest Atlantis Wiki - This wiki is dedicated to creating shared knowledge about the practice of teaching with and through Quest Atlantis.

Problem Solving Games - Games have the power to engage students and many offer great learning potential. They allow students to explore, be creative, learn content, develop literacy and numeracy skills, improve memory retention, develop problem solving and decision making skills and all while having fun.

Games in Education - "Using gaming as a vehicle for learning is a very powerful idea and one that is under-utilized.

From Jacqui Sharpe - Games for Learning

School of eLearning Blogpost on Guitar Hero - after Ewan McIntosh's workshop

Celebrity Death Match - Celebrity Death Match is a fun and effective game to play with whole classes and can be used in any subject area. This can be played on an interactive whiteboard, though it can be played in any classroom with a data projector

60 Educational Game sites - a variety of games for learning areas

Sackboy and the Mysterious Proof - geometry

Aris Games - ARIS is a tool for you to make mobile games, tours and interactive stories.