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Earthquakes - This wikispace has been created and designed by Year 6 Student's at Grant's Braes School in Dunedin. We have created it to help educate children, teachers and parents from NZ and around the world.

Ideas for lessons on Japanese Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis

Helping Christchurch Schools - What you can do to help Christchurch schools

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Halswell School was so grateful for all the support from all over NZ in September. It really helps to know the country is there to help (and the world.)
This time we seem to be one of the luckier schools being a little west! There are many primary and secondary schools in the eastern suburbs that may have extensive damage.
Some of the support activities that were so good for us were;
A huge basket of comfort food that lasted for days eg coffee,chocolate,biscuits, cakes, etc,(packaged) for staff and numerous other morning tea/ lunch special treats
Money to purchase special games and play items
Money to enable class activities/visits while movers helped relocate x2
Money to enable camps out of the region
Cards/emails to the school
Get away activities for severely affected families
Gift bags for younger children however older children often more traumatised (even soft cuddly toys can help)
Cards and letters for children (it became really hard to reply to them all so may be easier not to expect this) These were really great in the early days and even a big cooperative card from a class to share was a simpler way. Adopt a school may work well.
Would suggest once all the damaged schools are identified someone out of Christchurch coordinates the support so all damaged schools are catered for.
Of course money helps but it is the personal really caring touch that means the most.
This time the trauma will be much worse and on a huge scale so thank you all!
Hope this helps.
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Penny O'Connell
International Student DirectorESOL/Literacy Teacher
Halswell Primary School
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