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Talking to Strangers - Should We?

Internet Safety Hangman - Handy little hangman game for a follow up to an internet safety lesson.

6 Internet Safety Games for Cyber Smart kids - Digital education is not only about learning how to program or use a software; it’s also a lot about knowing the who the villain among the bits and bytes could be. As we run to catch up with the torrent of data, others are looking to grab some of our own. Spam is just a small part…there are more evil in the form of phishing and password theft.

I know what you did 5 minutes ago - Cybersafety videos

Copyright Kids - Who owns it?

Internet Smarts= Internet Smarts provides Internet tools and resources that encourage not just safe, online practices, but ethical ones on issues as wide-ranging as copyright and cyberbullying

The best resources to learn about copyright

How to talk to children about online safety

Get a taste of cyberbullying - you may be able to adapt this scenario for classroom use

How Cybersmart are you? - A 5 minute movie to show kids and parents to begin discussions on cyber safety