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Resources for using Comics in the classroom

Lego Comics - select your layout, choose a background, characters and way you go. Who wants to try this? Let me know how it goes.

Write Comics - Write Comics is a free, simple tool for creating comic strips. Write Comicsdoesn't require any registration to use. In fact, registration is not even an option. To create a comic on Write Comics just select a background from the menu, choose some characters, and add some speech bubbles. You can continue adding frames until you've completed your story. Write Comics is quite easy to use, but there is one short-coming and that is the only way you can save your work is to save it to your local hard drive.

Arthur - create a comic from scratch or use their story starter

Applications for Education
Creating comics can be a good way to get reluctant writers to develop stories. Write Comics enables students who don't think they're good artists to create comics and focus on story development without worrying about their artist abilities.
(Free Technology for Teachers)

Super Action Comic Maker - Create your own comics with super action heroes. Save the world.

Comic master - generate your own comics

Using Comics in the Classroom

Tap into the World of Comics Pt 1 - Strategies for using Comics in the Classroom

Tap into the World of ComicsPt 2 - Strategies for using Comics in the Classroom

Comic Life Resources - See what teachers and students are doing with Comic Life

Comic Creator - great little comic creator, makes 3 frames, select characters, objects, and add text

Top 10 Sites for Creating Digital Comics - 'Creating Digital Comics has been one of my favorite thing to do w/ students when trying to integrate technology.'

Create your own super hero comics - you'll enjoy creating your own comic books to save, print and more

6 Free Sites - The best part about these developments is that they allow you, regardless of any talent as an artist orcomedian, to create your very own comic strip. Depending on what you’re going for, you can use one of these six sites to help you do it.

Fuzzwich - easy to use, choose your characters, settings and write your text in speech bubbles

Make your own gifs -Create your own animated gifs - Just several clicks to make gif animation online. It's fast, easy and free