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Try these ideas in your classroom

So you have a blog ? Now what?

Classroom Management Strategies - Moving from dependence to independence

Learning Spaces - Exploring new ways of using classroom spaces

Ideas to Inspire - Ideas to support your Literacy programme

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Claymation - Clay animation is an exciting technology that captures the imagination of students of all ages. Story telling can literally be brought to life and students will have a new zest for creating inventive stories.

3 Free & Easy Stick Figure Animation Programs - If cave paintings are anything to go by, stick figures could be what man first learnt to draw. They are so simple, we barely pay attention to them, and we move on to make our figures more fleshed out.

13 Fast and Furious Stick Figure Animations and Tutorials

Star Wars - In 2 minutes, with Lego

Moviemaker in the Classroom - See what you can do with Moviemaker

Jeopardy - build your own Jeopardy games

Literacy and Maths interactives here

What to do with a few minutes spare - read this blog post and try some of these with the class and a data projector / IWB

Memiary in the classroom - reflecting at the end of the day

Literacy and Podcasting - see what Ngaio students are up to

How to do it? What to do with the rest? Suggestions from a blog post by Jacqui Sharp

Wallwisher - collect prior knowledge before starting a theme and also useful for assessing after. Can be embedded into your wiki

Webspiration - collaborative mindmapping.

Google Earth for Educators - 50 Exciting Ideas for the Classroom

Typing Games - teach your students keyboards skills with a variety of games

Teach ICT Quizzes and Games - Over 400 games to choose from

Games and Activitie s - Create a Comic, Construct a Word and ABC Match and more

Typing Chef - practice your typing with this timed game. Don't make the chef angry

Celebrating ICT - We would like to have a place to celebrate and share the wide and varied ICT experiences that are created within our Cluster - Te Whakatipuranga Hou

Wonder of Wordle - They are conversation starters, classroom reflections, visuals of students’ hopes and dreams, summaries, preparations, vocabulary builders, and spelling checkers. They are past, present and future, they are ways to review for a test, and ways for a teacher to check on pre-knowledge. They encourage thought, discernment, understanding, clarification, discussion, clarity, and challenges. They are much more than words just typed into a box and then click on GO