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Racing Games to improve accuracy and speed. These games allow you to create a game and play against others in your class.
Encourage students to practice what they need to rather than what is easy. personal challenge.

Basic Facts - Sign your class up - help your students master basic facts

Numeracy Wiki - Maths activities to support each numeracy stage

Primary Games - + - X and div

You could set up a class tournament and as students win so many games, (eg 5) they have to move to the next level. + - X then ÷
Granny maths - subtraction

Jet Ski Racing - Addition
Tug Team - Addition
Island Chase - Subtraction
Penguin Jump - Multiplication
Tug Team - Multiplication
Grand Prix - Multiplication
Space Race - Multiplication
Drag Race - Division
Orbit Integers - Adding Integers

Alien Addition - Find the equation
Minus Mission - Find the equation
Demolition Division - Find the equation
Meteor Multiplication - Find the equation
Number Invaders - Test yourself on X and ÷ - Balloon Popper

Feed Fribbet Addition
Maths Arcade - Choose your skill level

Maths facts Basketball - choose between + - X and ÷. Get 5 right and you get to shoot the hoop

Fact Dash - Choose your operation and how you want the equation to look

Numbers to 20 Bingo and more - Download games to support number knowledge, 0 - 20 and 0 - 100

Number Cruncher - How many steps to find the number

Number Bond Machines - practice the skill of number bonds to 5, 10 and 100

Basic Facts practice - You need log in and password for this basic facts tester

Doubles and Halves -

Cool free maths games to improve numeracy - Play as a Guest of join for Free, Tens, number sequences, doubles and halves

Carrot Sticks - online multiplayer maths games. Choose between + - X and ÷. And also easier and harder levels

Basic Facts Wiki - Huge range of resources and games here

Maths Magician - practice your basic facts here. Choose between + - X and ÷

Multiplication Grid - Choose the times table you need to practice, timed or not timed

Tire Jumping! -

Practice your tire jumping skills with Carlos by adding and subtracting to reach the target number!

Sum Dog Idol - Basic Facts, Doubles and Halves and more

Multiplication practice - a collection of games here

Adding numbers to 20 - count the objects and add them together

Sleeboz Stampede = Practice your math facts in this fun high speed game with the sleeboz in the sewer!

Space Rocks! - Rock your knowledge of factors with Oomie and these space rocks!

Computation Games
Math Magicians – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
tutpup – Practice Maths skills with others around the world
BBC KS2 Bitesize – Number games from simple sums to using a calculator
Addition Facts
Dr. Brain’s Robot – Practice your addition facts
Number Attack – Practice your addition facts
Math Popper! – Fast-paced practice for addition
Ambleweb Addition Machine – Practice your addition
Subtraction Facts
Ambleweb Subtraction Machine – Practice your subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction – Race others using subtraction
Multiplication Facts
Multiplication Table Applet – Visual multiplication array
Cone Crazy Levels – Practice your multiplication and serve ice cream
Space Race – Practice multiplication and race against your friends
Tug Team Multiplication – Play against others and practice your times tables
Sum Sense Games
Sum Sense Addition – Single Digit Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction – Single Digit Subtraction
Speed Grid Games
Speed Grid Addition Level 1 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Addition Level 2 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Addition Level 3 – Practice addition against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 1 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 2 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Subtraction Level 3 – Practice subtraction against the clock
Speed Grid Multiplication – Practice multiplication against the clock
Number Line Games
Line Jumper – Practice Maths Skills with a Number Line
100 Chart Games
Splat Squares – Practice skip counting and other fun with 100 chart

Dog Bone – Find the bone on the 100 chart