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Create your own online identity. Who do you want to be?


Contents - SuperheroesSuperpowers, Costumes and disguises, puzzles, profiles, games and more
Build Your Wild Self - Create your own characters with animal features. Great for creative writing

Digibody's Caricature Maker Caricatures by Louai Munajim
"I have taken my caricatures and broken them down into pieces, thecaricature maker reuses those elements to create new, funny and unique caricatures in my style"

Kid Safe Mini MiserJust click on the buttons under the picture to select the part pages and then click on the bits that make you ... YOU!

Grabba Beast - Start with a beast and add features or just randomise.

Portrait Icon Maker - Small images. Build your own character, add backgrounds etc

My Avatar Editor - build characters by choosing body parts

A comparison af Avatar Makers

Screen_shot_2011-04-04_at_10.26.28_AM.pngManga Face Maker
Make yourself a cat.
Screen_shot_2011-06-15_at_10.38.11_PM.pngThe Catoonizer
Clay_Yourself.jpgClay Yourself

Create your own animal avatar - may pay to check site depending on age of students